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Smart Price Warehouse are able to supply a wide range of self contained showers with prices to suit many and various budgets. Altogether, we have over 130 showers to choose from in various designs and sizes. You can order online or by telephone and with our many years experience in working with this type of product, be assured of a helpful & courteous service.


A small steam shower unit, measures 800mm x 800mm - a quadrant model designed to fit into a corner. The tray base on most of the quad   models are a low-step type but there are also several showers with tub bases. Some of these have a filler spout, so that the tub can be filled with water, which is just perfect for bathing young toddlers & small children and so an ideal shower solution for all the family.


Shower Cabins

Shower Cabins

Of course, the quadrant shower models are not the ideal shape & style for everyone, so we have rectangular and also the elongated type units. The rectangular profile sizes start at size: 1100mm x 890mm, then to 1200mm x 900mm, next 1400mm x 900mm and  then the largest size at  1500mm by 900mm. The elongated shaped showers - these are longer down the one side also have a rounded end where the shower door is positioned and comes in sizes from 1100mm x 800mm up to 1200mm x 800mm and they can be either Left or Right hand.


All of the steam function showers full specifications include the overhead monsoon type shower, a hand shower and back jets. The 3kw generator is fitted as standard. Some of the models also come with a foot massager and hydro jets plus features such as internal lighting, an FM radio, extractor fan etc are common to most showers.


If you should be seeking a shower that includes a bath suitable for adults, we also have our superb whirlpool bath shower range, all of which also incorporate the steam room option. Available in quadrant, rectangular and elongated shapes, sizes start at 1350mm by 800mm, then 1500mm x 900mm and 1700mm by 900m and slightly narrow models at 1450mm by 850mm, 1600mm by 850mm and 1650mm by 850mm for the normal rectangular type whirlpool bath showers.

In the elongated models, sizes start at 1500mm x 900mm, with the corner models starting from size 1350mm x 1350mm, to 1500mm x 1500mm and to a whopping 1650mm x 1650mm.


Prices start at £699 for our lowest price steam option shower, right up to £2749 for the largest whirlpool steam bath showers, with many units priced at under £1000 with Free Delivery options.

To view our full range of steam function showers units  please Click Here


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Custmer CommentsTestimonials:"Excellent quality, good delivery and well impressed" Susan Sharp - Rushmere St.Andrew............"Wondefull!" Susan Thomas - Tonypandy..........."Very good and Adam excellent on the Helpline" Keith Hinds - Whitley-Bay.........."Excellent product, very easy to install - would recommend this to anyone" Paul Tetlow - Wilmslow.........."The best purchase we have made in along time" Michelle Mcalinden - Belfast.........."Excellent experience and customer support.." Trish Nawacki - Wokingham.........." Good service and very please with product...." Steven Hannah - Grangemouth.........."Delighted..." Vincent Evangelista - Renfrew.........."The best showering experience ever - outstanding quality and value"  Colin Dobinson - Leight-On-Sea.........."Magic!" Brian Mitchell - Edinburgh..............Just a small selection of the many positive comments received from satisfied customers. All orignal copies held at our offices - thanks for visiting the Browne's Health website.

Great value shower pods and cabins.

Including self-contained steam and shower enclosures, whirlpool bath showers more!


Fabulous quality and LOW PRICES in Showers With Steam & Shower Pods, Whirlpool Shower Baths and Showering Enclosures....

Here at Smart Price Warehouse we market an ever expanding range of home improvement products, including great quality free-standing showers....both with and without steam functionality  - plus hydro shower cabins and the popular whirlpool bath showers with steam and much more. All shower models are fully self-contained and come in many superb and attractive designs. They have numerous great features and we are pleased to be able to offer you these outstanding quality products, at truly great value prices too. What's more, once you've found the shower best suited to you, perhaps for an even better deal, talk to us first on 0208-166-5994.

If you, like most people, enjoy a shower more often than a bath, why not invest in a with-steam unit, as this will  provide the ultimate showering and relaxation experience? From standard showers that simply get the job done, to sophisticated shower units that have all the bells and whistles you can imagine....we provide them all and have been doing so for many years now. Our deluxe steam function showers, allow you to enjoy the benefits of a steam room plus all the various hydro showering options.

Steam Shower - Special Offers

 1.  Shower Cabins & Enclosures..... - the non-steam showers, we have over 35 models available!

GT9002L & R

Insignia GT9002 shower cabin is available in Left and Right hand versions.

The GT9002 from Insignia is 1200mm x 800mm and comes in either Left or Right hand versions + three colour options: Mirror, Black or White Glass....


Click Here To View


Insignia GT9015 is a corner shower pod 900mm x 900mm.

A 900mm x 900mm quadrant, corner fitting model, the GT9015 from Insignia is a great value shower pod at this price. A white acrylic interior + moulded seat....


Click Here To View

Alto 04L & R

The Alto 04 is an elongated shower pod available in left and right hand versions.

Elongated model, Alto 04 is available in Left or Right handed and measures 1200mm x 800mm. Colour options are White Glass or Black Glass....


Click Here To View

 2.  Showers With Steam Units..... - just a small selection, we have over 80 steam models available!

Alto 90

Alto 90 is a corner steam shower cabin 900mm x 900mm.

The Alto 90 comes in White or Black glass interior and is a 900mm x 900mm steam shower and is both stylish in design, yet robust and practical for everyday use....


Click Here To View


Insignia GT9012 is a 800mm x 800mm steam shower.

A monsoon rain shower, hand riser shower & 6 massage back jets, steam function, fluorescent roof light, interior LED lights, FM Radio and more on the GT9012 - 800mm x 800mm....


Click Here To View


SP02 is a large corner steam shower 1050mm x 1050mm with a tub base.

The SP02 is a large corner fitting with steam model and has a tub base and measures 1050mm x 1050mm and is 2170mm high. All the key features on this model & great value....


Click Here To View

3. Whirlpool Steam Bath Showers..... - just a small selection, we over 20 whirlpool models available!

Alto W3

Alto W3 is a large whirlpool steam shower bath packed with features.

The Alto W3 is a rectangular full sized family bath with integrated whirlpool, and measures 1700mm x 900mm. It  is both stylish in design, yet robust and practical for everyday use...


Click Here To View


Insignia GT1057 is a steam shower bath with whirlpool model.

This model GT1057 from Insignia is a rectangular shaped 1650mm x 650mm x 2280mm, free-standing whirlpool bath steam shower and is packed with great features....


Click Here To View


Great value in whirlpool steam shower bath - the SP95W

The SP95W is a large, rectangular shaped whirlpool bath steam shower and measures 1600mm x 850mm. It's packed with great features and excellent value at this price...


Click Here To View

All prices shown above include VAT and Free Delivery* - see main product pages for full delivery details and Post Code exclusions.

Free Steam Shower Fitting Kit

Note: Waste Kit & Flexi Hoses are enclosed within the relevant packaging. Thermo Cartridges are pre-installed for your convenience.

Shower Steam Pods & Enclosures

Our products are also known as steam shower pods or enclosures and are fully self-contained shower units, installed without the need for tiling and provide the ultimate showering experience. With glass fronts and doors, most pods are designed to provide an open feel so  even though you are enclosed in the pod, you do not feel cramped and have a view of the  rest of the bathroom. All these types of showers come with many features including steam, hand and overhead shower heads, back jets and more.

Consider all the different options available when you think about replacing your existing shower, and treat yourself to a shower pod that will add value to your home and comfort in your life. The right showers can help you get your day off to a great start or give you the relaxation you need before you go to bed at night.


Want To Create Your Own Steam Room?


DIY Steam Room Kits

Why Not Consider Turning Your Existing Bathroom Or En-Suite Into A Steam Room With Our DIY Steam Room Kit.



Thinking about creating your own oasis in your bathroom? Then why not design your own shower to your requirements because with the Insignia Steam Room Kit you can do just that. Featuring all the latest technology, rapid steam accelerator and the ability to add stereo, lights and telephone you really can create the most bespoke steam shower.

INCLUDES: 1 x Control Panel  - 1 x 2.8KW Steam Generator - 1 x Steam Pod Outlet  1 x White Insulated Thermo pipe - 1 x Electric box - 2 x Fan/speaker covers - 1 x Ozone (o3) - 1 x Drain Hose - 1 x Speaker  - 1 x Fan - 1 x Insignia Touch Screen Control Panel [see controllable features below] Can be connected to a combination boiler CE Certified - 2 Year Warranty ISO9001 Approved


The Ultimate Steam & Shower Cabin Buyers Guide.

Our range of showers with steam...
The non-steam showers range...

Although we've been selling these types of self-contained showers for around 8 years now and they have generally been available since circa 2004, for many customers they are still very a much a new discovery. To most, this type of product being available still comes as a welcomed surprised......a bit like discovering it was the ancient Greeks were the first to discover showering all those years ago. Of course, the debate over whether showering or taking a bath, is the more popular method for staying clean and fresh, will be an ongoing saga for sure. It's certainly a subject often discussed...from someone who went a whole year without showering at all, to exactly how often one should take a shower.

Anyway, the added advantage with these free standing showers, is there's no need for tiling and all the associated mess. Once assembled, they are connected to your hot and cold supply plus waste outlet, much like a dishwasher or washing machine. Installation into an existing bathroom or en-suite is simple and straightforward but for new extensions, loft conversions and new builds, its advisable to include this on your specification, in all instances where town planning or building regulations are involved.

Of course, with the steam versions and some of the multi-featured hydro showers, an electricity supply will be required and as far as the water supply is concerned, just be aware that these type of pressurised showers, only work off the central heating hot water and are not, electric showers. Finally, when it comes to installation, we find most people use a local plumber or installer. If you do not know of one, websites like CheckaTrade or RatedPeople, should help you to find a local tradesmen who is both reliable, reasonable and recommended.

Perhaps needless to say, after 8 years of selling self-contained, free-standing showers we know are product very well indeed and take our business extremely seriously. We are here, not just to "sell" you...but to help you choose the right product for your requirements and answer your question both before and afterwards. But in the showers business, it's not all serious these 15 fun facts about our daily ritual shows. Enjoy:)

© Smart Price Warehouse 2014


All Showers come with comprehensive Installation Guides, backed by our Technical Support & full Spares Departments. Buy with confidence....


Health Benefits Of Using A Steam Shower

7 Key Health Benefits Of Using a Steam Function Shower

Detoxification Benefits Of Steam: Depending on one's lifestyle and diet, the body accumulates various chemicals and endogenous and exogenous toxins, on a daily basis. The natural process of ridding the body of these, is via perspiration. Using the steam function in the shower regularly, is an effective means to induce sweating in the body and thus cleanse the skin and free the body of the accumulated toxins. It is said that perspiring in a steam shower cabin, is of more benefit than sweating during exercise and without the exertion and strain on the body and vital organs.
Skin Reviving & Moisturising Benefits Of Steam: Time spent using the steaming option can provide respite to the skin and improve tone, moisture and clarity. In our showers with-steam units, the fitted 3kw steam generator fills the interior with vapours. The temperature for the steam in the cabin can be set to your personal requirements and this helps in opening the skins pores and releasing the toxins. Metabolism and pulse rate are increased, the cardiovascular system is stimulated & increases the number of heartbeats per minute. It also helps the skin receive essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and oxygen.
Rejuvenating Benefits Of Steam: The improved flow of blood from the heat of steam in a helps relax the muscles and can also assist in alleviating body tension after a long, hard day at work. It is also noted that relief from stiff joints and arthritis can be enjoyed, and decrease the pain, stiffness and fatigue of rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Aromatherapy oils or tablets can be used along with steam and can be very helpful in relaxing the mind and improving sleep quality too. What's more, In some cases, steam baths have helped cure sleep-related ailments like insomnia.
Breathing Enhancing Benefits Of Steam: Steam has also been used to provide relief to people suffering from a number of ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and other allergies of the lung. This assists in helping to unclog the airways in the lungs and results in providing relief from inflammations or congestions in the lungs, thereby enabling people to breathe more easily. This is why it is recommended to people with respiratory ailments, to partake of regular steam baths. The hot and moist air from the steam shower helps sufferers to breathe comfortably.
Immunity Boosting Benefits Of Steam: The steam function in raises the body temperature, in almost the same manner as a fever does. When the body eliminates the viruses present in it, fevers result as they cannot survive at high body temperatures. Thus, fevers represent the body’s natural defence against microorganisms. Higher temperatures in the body also lead to an increase in white blood cell and antibody production. The white blood cells defend the body from attacks by infectious diseases and other illnesses caused by other microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.
Benefits To Ankylosing Spondylitis & Rheumatoid Arthritis With Steam: In research, the sauna brought the patients’ bodies to a state of complete hyperthermia. Patients who were suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis stated that they had enjoyed the experience. They mentioned that they felt lesser pain and experienced enhanced levels of movement during the research. Other affects experienced by the patients during the treatment included no traces of any inflammation, loss of weight of between 100 – 400 grams was also recorded and a reduction in blood pressure.
Supplement the Benefits of Steam Function Showers...with a Healthier Lifestyle: Merely spending time in clouds of steam is not sufficient on its own, when it comes to keeping your mind and body healthy. The steam produced by the 3kw generator in our showers can cleanse your pores. However, it cannot function singlehandedly. Therefore, this together with the following measures can lead to a healthier life - thinking positive & being optimistic, taking adequate rest & regular exercise, eating healthy food that is fresh and unprocessed and avoiding alcohol and smoking.

Please read the full article here " Health Benefits Of Using A Steam Shower" on our Blog here

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"Excellent quality, good delivery and well impressed" Susan Sharp - Rushmere St.Andrew............"Wondefull!" Susan Thomas - Tonypandy..........."Very good and Adam excellent on the Helpline" Keith Hinds - Whitley-Bay.........."Excellent product, very easy to install - would recommend this to anyone" Paul Tetlow - Wilmslow.........."The best purchase we have made in along time" Michelle Mcalinden - Belfast.........."Excellent experience and customer support.." Trish Nawacki - Wokingham.........." Good service and very please with product...." Steven Hannah - Grangemouth.........."Delighted..." Vincent Evangelista - Renfrew.........."The best showering experience ever - outstanding quality and value"  Colin Dobinson - Leight-On-Sea.........."Magic!" Brian Mitchell - Edinburgh..............Just a small selection of the many positive comments received from satisfied customers. All orignal copies held at our offices - thanks for visiting the Browne's Health website.


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