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The GT9008  is a 900mm quadrant steam shower with added features...

 Model GT9008 - 900mm x 900mm x 2200mm   Specification and features.....
The GT9008 from Insignia is a 900mm x 900mm x 2200mm corner steam shower cabin. The standard features include: Monsoon rain shower, hand riser shower and 6 massage back jets, steam function, fluorescent roof light, interior LED lights and  FM Radio with MP3 input.  Deluxe features include hardwood floor and stool, digital control panel, foot massager and LED lights in the shower tray.  This model has all the great features of larger and more expensive steam showers in our range but is ideal for limited space, especially en-suites and has that extra touch of style. The back inside walls of the cabin are darkened mirrored glass, with a glass shelf .

900mm x 900mm x 2200mm                            5 Years Parts Warranty
Tropical Monsoon Top Shower
6 Hydro massage body jets
Multi function hand shower
Mobile foot massager
3kw Steam generator
Extractor Fan
Digital control panel
Thermostatic Shower Valve
Ozone Sterilization (o3)
Built-in FM radio with cd/mp3 input
Toiletries Shelf
Low voltage ceiling lighting
Blue LED back lighting
LED tray lights
Wood floor and stool

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Sorry - This Model Has Been Discontinued

Note: Waste Kit & Flexi Hoses are enclosed within the relevant packaging. Thermo Cartridges are pre-installed for your convenience.

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Aromatherapy Tablets

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 Installation Notes... 

Please Note: A fully comprehensive installation guide comes with your purchase, but here are a couple of main points regarding electrics and water.

Electrical Details: All steam shower cabins require a 13amp electrical supply feed. The shower units already come with a 13 amp plug and an RCD [Residual Current Device] fitted. We do however recommend, that you remove the plug and instead, have the cabin connected directly to a fused spur. Should an RCD be already fitted to your electrical mains board, this can also be used and the RCD fitted to the unit, may be removed too.

Plumbing Details: The steam shower cabins require a 1 x hot and a 1 x cold water supply feed. The required water pipes, should be installed and fed to a position that is approximately 1 metre off the floor in the corner or central position of the room, where the cabin is to be fitted. Balanced water pressure is required above 2 bar. Should you have a Combi Boiler, you will not need a pump but you will require to have a Pressure Equalising Valve [PEV] fitted, to maintain balanced pressure to both the hot and cold supply at all times.

If your water supply uses a gravity fed system, it is recommended you fit a pump to provide the required water pressure for the shower cabin. Should the main water tank in your property, be situated above the proposed shower head position, then a Positive Head pump will suffice. In circumstances where the shower head is positioned above the main water tank, a Negative Head pump will be needed. Where a pump is being fitted, you will not require a Pressure Equalising Valve, as the pump will keep the pressure balanced on gravity fed systems.

Where an unvented hot water cylinder system like a Mega Flow is installed, these will produce sufficient balanced pressure for our showers to operate efficiently. Other types or brands of unvented hot water cylinders may vary, so it is advisable to check with the individual manufacturers or suppliers. In rare situations where the distance between the hot water cylinder and shower is extreme, i.e. cylinder on the ground floor, shower on the 5th floor, there may be a pressure issue so again, do check this with your installer or manufacturer. This information is for guidance only so in all cases, please confirm your plumbing requirements with your fitter.

We can supply a Salamander Shower Pump [Positive Head] and a Pressure Equalising Valve but do not supply other plumbing materials. The steam shower cabins are freestanding units and accordingly, we suggest that your fitter does not install the shower unit into a position where this cannot be moved away from the wall if required. The couplings on the shower cabin that connects this to your water supply, are standard 15mm compression fittings.

General: Also keep in mind that the shower unit is delivered in several large boxes, so please ensure you have enough space to manoeuvre these and the contents, to the installation location. Note as well, that space is required to assemble the steam shower cabin and this needs to be sufficient to allow your installer to work around the assembled shower unit, before placing in the final position.

 Buying Guide... 

For your peace of a direct sales company, we feel it is important when selling via the internet to make things clear and we also realise the importance of providing not only quality products at great prices, but also the need for back up, plus support for parts and customer queries too.

With the shower cabins, we are officially appointed resellers for the sole UK distributors of the ranges of units we sell and as such, are fully able to provide Customer Support for the products and spare parts too. Our distributor also works with the manufacturer, to improve the products we sell and ensure they meet the standards that we and our customers expect.

GLASS: All the Shower cabins we supply have tempered safety glass of between 5-6mm. The back panels of the cabins are made of mirrored tempered glass, so you do not need to tile behind the cabin.  FRAMES: The frames are made of 1.2mm aluminium, thus offering good structural support and stability. The cabins are designed to be free standing and to enable easy servicing should the need arise.  TUB/BASE: All bases in the cabins are fitted with a fully supporting framework bonded to the tub, which affords a stable footing and assists in offering overall structural stability.

THERMOSTATIC VALVE: All units have thermostatic valves - this enables you to mix the water temperature to your requirements, with a safety device built in to allow water up to 38 degrees only. CERTIFICATION: CE, RoHS industries approvals. The steam generator and pump we use pass TUV approval and the pumps also pass UL approval

 Delivery Details.. 

Once your order has been received and processed, we will contact you within 24 hours by telephone, to arrange a convenient delivery day and to confirm the delivery address with you. Currently, the units come in 4 separate packages and this is supplied on a palette and will arrive on a tail-lift lorry. The delivery palette will be taken to your door, but this will depend on any access restrictions (narrow gates, passageways etc). When confirming delivery, we request that you inform us of any further restrictions, that could effect a delivery to your location where perhaps a smaller vehicle would be more suited.

Following delivery of your order, you are asked to check the packages upon arrival and inform us of any damage within 24 hours. Please Note: If after having confirmed a delivery date, you are not at the premises when the delivery is made, a re-delivery charge of 25 will be payable. For more detailed information regarding deliveries, please Click Here.

 Payment Options 

Payment for your order can be made by Debit or Credit Card through our secure online Checkout, by first clicking the Buy Now button above and following the on-screen instructions. Once completed, you will be directed to a Payment Confirmation page and an email receipt for your payment, will be sent.

If you are uncomfortable with ordering online, you may place the order by telephone by calling 0208-166-5994. Within 24 hours of receiving your order and payment, we will telephone you to arrange delivery of the product.


  Sitemap - Specific Product Locator

Use this section to locate steam shower and shower cabin products by size and shape, style, brand name and Model number or name and all available through Smart Price Warehouse.

  Steam Shower Cabins - aka units cabinets pods

 Corner, quadrant, elongated, rectangular etc. Low step trays and

 tub style bases. All with multiple shower features.
 SP16C 800mm x 800mm Quadrant Steam Shower
 SP98C 800mm x 800mm Corner Steam Shower Cabin
 Aqualusso Davenport Ocean 800mm x 800mm Steam Shower
 Aqualusso Davenport Storm 800mm x 800mm Steam Shower
 SP98C Deluxe 800 x 800mm Low Step Steam Shower Pod
 SP30C Compact 800mm x 800mm Steam Shower Cabinet
 Model SP62 900mm x 900mm Steam Shower Cubicle
 SP30R Compact 900mm x 900mm Steam Shower Cabinet
 SP16 900mm x 900mm Corner Steam Shower Cabinet
 SP04 900mm x 900mm Quadrant Steam Shower Cabin
 SP04 Deluxe  900mm x 900mm Corner Steam Shower Cabin
 Aqualusso Orlando Ocean 900mm x 900mm Steam Shower
 Aqualusso Orlando Storm 900mm x 900mm Steam Shower
 SP98R 900mm x 900mm Corner Steam Shower Unit
 SP98R Deluxe 900mm x 900mm Corner Steam Shower Unit
 Aqualusso Davenport Ocean 900mm x 900mm Steam Cabin
 Aqualusso Davenport Storm 900mm x 900mm Steam Cabin
 SP27 900mm x 900mm Corner Steam Shower Cabinet
 SP98S 950mm x 950mm Quadrant Steam Shower Cabin
 Aqualusso Davenport Storm 950mm x 950mm Steam Shower
 Aqualusso Davenport Ocean 900mm x 900mm Steam Cabin
 SP98S Deluxe 950mm x 950mm Corner Steam Shower Unit
 SP28 1000mm x 1000mm Corner Steam Shower Unit
 SP02 1050mm x 1050mm Corner Steam Shower Cabinet
 SP02 Deluxe 1050mm x 1050mm Corner Steam Cabinet
 Aqualusso Orlando Ocean 1050mm x 1050mm Shower
 Aqualusso Orlando Storm 1050mm x 1050mm Shower
 SP85 1350mm x 1350mm Quadrant Steam Shower Pod
 SP901 1100mm x 890mm Rectangular Shower Unit
 Aqualusso Clearwater Storm 1200mm x 900mm Shower
 Aqualusso Clearwater Ocean 1200mm x 900mm Shower
 SP95 1400mm x 900mm Twin Steam Shower
 SP509 1500mm x 900mm Rectangular Steam Shower
 SP316R 1100mm x 800mm Elongated Steam Shower
 SP316L 1100mm x 800mm Elongated Steam Shower
 SP17R 1200mm x 900mm Elongated Steam Shower
 SP17L 1200mm x 900mm Elongated Shower Unit
 Aqualusso Baywood R Storm1200mm x 800mm Shower
 Aqualusso Baywood R Ocean1200mm x 800mm Shower
 Aqualusso Baywood L Storm 1200mm x 800mm Shower
 Aqualusso Baywood L Ocean 1200mm x 800mm Shower
 Steam Shower Cubicles | Shower Cubicles | Showers
  Shower Enclosures & Non-Steam Cabins
 Corner, quadrant, elongated and rectangular etc. Low step.
 Aqualusso Crystal Storm 800mm x 800mm Shower
 Aqualusso Crystal Ocean 800mm x 800mm Shower
 Aqualusso Crystal Storm 900mm x 900mm Shower
 Aqualusso Crystal Ocean 900mm x 900mm Shower
 Aqualusso Crystal Storm 1000mm x 1000mm Shower
 Aqualusso Crystal Ocean 1000mm x 1000mm Shower
 Aqualusso Crystal Storm L 1200mm x 800mm Shower
 Aqualusso Crystal Ocean L 1200mm x 800mm Shower
 Aqualusso Crystal Storm R 1200mm x 800mm Shower
 Aqualusso Steam Showers | Aquaplus Steam Showers
 SP30C-NS 800mm x 800mm Non-Steam Shower Cabin
 SP13 800mm x 800mm Non-Steam Shower Enclosure
 SP30R-NS 900mm x 900mm Non-Steam Shower
 SP87 900mm x 900mm Shower Cabins Non-Steam
 SP18 900mm x 900mm Shower Cabin Non-Steam
 SP80 1000mm x 1000mm Twin Shower Enclosure
 SP090R 1200mm x 800mm Elongated Shower Cabinet
 SP090L 1200mm x 800mm Elongated Shower Pod
 SP316L-NS 1100mm x 800mm Elongated Shower
 SP316R-NS 1100mm x 800mm Elongated Shower
 SP70L 900mm x 700mm Rectangular Shower Cabin
 SP70R 900mm x 700mm Rectangular Shower Cabin
   Whirlpool Bath Steam Shower Units
 Aqualusso Avondale Storm 1350mm Whirlpool Shower
 Aqualusso Avondale Ocean 1350mm Whirlpool Shower
 Aqualusso Avondale Storm 1500mm Whirlpool Showers
 Aqualusso Avondale Ocean 1500mm Whirlpool Showers
 Aqualusso Antonio Storm 1700mm Whirlpool Shower
 Aqualusso Antonio Ocean 1700mm Whirlpool Shower
 SP56 1450mm x 850mm Rectangular Whirlpool Shower
 SP57 1650mm x 850mm Rectangular Whirlpool Shower
 SP58L 1500mm x 900mm Elongated Whirlpool Shower
 SP58R 1500mm x 900mm Elongated Whirlpool Shower
 SP59L 1700mm x 900mm Elongated Whirlpool Shower
 SP59R 1700mm x 900mm Elongated Whirlpool Shower
 SP55 1500mm Rectangular Whirlpool Shower
 SP562 1500mm x 1500mm Corner Whirlpool Shower
 Aqualusso Portland 1350mm Corner Whirlpool Shower
 Aqualusso Pembroke 1500mm Corner Whirlpool Shower
 Insignia Steam Showers | Insignia Shower Enclosures

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